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Career-Enrichment Seminars

Training for career readiness, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

Character-Education & Life Skills Workshops

Fun and interactive training in areas such as anti-bullying, self-esteem enrichment and dining, social and professional etiquette

Consultative Services

Professional presentations and consultations for clientele including not-for-profit organizations, professional associations, unemployment agencies, expos and churches

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etiKID Academy LLC

Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)




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Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Virtual Coaching Program


etiKID Academy LLC

Career, Character, and Life: Etiquette Education Course

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What is Connect-Agility vs. Networking? 

Connect-agility starts by generating relationship centered and agile connections.  This process of generating connections is networking, which oftentimes feels complex and taxing. Befittingly, to ease the convolution of networking, I coined the term ‘connect-agility’ - which refers to departing from emotionally latent networking practices and advancing towards agile relationship-centered connections. Connect-agility occurs when you build genuine relations focused on what you can give compared to what you will receive from the connection. Ask: What can you do for others? Next, retain a sense of pride and pleasure in your life’s mission.
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