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Dr. Airies Davis, Ed.D, MBA 

Founder and CEO

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What we do at
etiKID Academy LLC

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging (DEIB) Life skills related to Character-Education and Career-Enrichment in the form of Dining, Social & Professional  

Etiquette Education 

We offer over 10 years of competitive and distinctive niche seminars facilitated by academic and business professional thought-leaders within various disciplines. Our adage is to educate and arm our kids with proper etiquette to address the “what if I only knew” behavioral situations often absent from traditional traditional academia. Additionally, the resources available may not fully offer the basic rules to successfully play the “unwritten game”. The etiKID Academy strays away from cookie cutter tactics. We customize solutions that effectively address our kid’s needs with competitive edge and innovative seminars. The audience can range from a one on one consultation to a 500+ school auditorium of students. ​ We are experts in providing two forms of tailored motivational Career-Enrichment and Character-Education consultative seminars. Our Career-Enrichment seminars focus on job readiness, entrepreneurship, and Intrapreneurship. In addition to Career-Enrichment, the etiKID Academy Character-Education seminars provide our clients’ fun and interactive training in such areas as anti-bullying, self-esteem enrichment, and dining etiquette.  ​ Equally, etiKID Academy has conducted professional presentations and consultation for a broad range of clientele including Fortune 500, not-for profit organizations, professional associations, unemployment agencies, expos and churches. Some featured partners include Inroads, Junior Achievement, 100 Black Men of Chicago, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., and more.

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