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OUR SERVICES  - etiKID Academy LLC specializes in 21st Century etiquette education focusing on character development, life skills, and career planning in diversity, equity/equality, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) for underserved communities. We offer workshops, keynotes, training sessions, strategy plans, and experiential curriculum designs. OUR MISSION is to empower individuals and communities through comprehensive, personalized educational experiences. We serve diverse clients, including governmental agencies, corporations, and non-profits, prioritizing experiential and blended learning tailored to youth and adults.   OUR COMMITMENT to diversity and inclusivity ensures participants gain practical life skills, self-awareness, and a foundation for successful career planning and workforce development. 

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Dr. Airies THANKS YOU!10yr Anniversary Message
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Celebrating 10 years


At etiKID Academy LLC, we develop K-20 audiences with the competitive workforce development tools to be successful in the pursuit of their character and career etiquette goals.

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We meet you where you are from beginner, intermediate or advanced levels of educational experiences. Our workshops and curriculum prepares the current or future workforce with 21 st Century power life or 'soft' skills: communication, critical thinking, collaboration, ethics, agility, etc.

etiKID Academy provides K-12, Higher Education, and corporate audiences with transformative experiential learning via Character and Career  Etiquette services.


As a product of Chicago’s underserved communities and public school systems, etiKID Academy (pronounced eta-KID or phonetically similar to etiquette) was conceptualized in 2002 by Dr. Airies Davis to service low socioeconomic K-20 audiences with Character- education and Career-enrichment (dining, social and professional) etiquette workshops and curriculum. The etiKID Academy is a proud woman-led and minority-owned business (M/WBE certified). 


Our first client was Grammy and Oscar awardee, Common for his non-profit Common Ground Foundation. The vision is for audiences to actualize self-efficacy by gaining life skills instrumental in order to develop whole-self potential in pursuit of ultimate career and character goals.


Our goal is to foster a mentee-to-mentor developmental blended learning journey, embodying the principle "for much is given, much is required." At EtiKID Academy LLC, we expect our mentees to pay it forward by sharing the knowledge gained from our programs with others.


Dining, Social & Professional 



Distinctive etiquette niche seminars, curricula, and workshops facilitated by academic & business professional thought-leaders within various disciplines

Career-Enrichment Seminars

Character-Education Workshops

Consultative Services

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Executive Director, Cameron D-S., The Chicago Center for Urban Life & Culture aka Chicago Center LEAD 

“Our students had an incredible LEAD Program session with Dr. Airies Davis! Dr. Airies guided them through CliftonStrengths Assessment results, fostering a safe and empathetic environment. We're so grateful for her leadership and ability to connect and encourage active listening.  What I love about the Chicago Center's LEAD Program is that not only do students have an opportunity to further develop professional and life skills, but they also get to interact with phenomenal professionals  like Dr. Airies Davis. Not only did she help them to better understand their results from the CliftonStrength Assessment, but she connected with them on a deeper level and showed genuine interest in their stories and future career goals. Looking forward to many more with you, Dr. Airies!"

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